The first day canton fair live broadcast show in 15th June


The first canton fair live broadcast will be start in 15th June, 2020.

We prepare two parts: Solar water heatr and SPC floors.

The firat show talks about solar water heater, Flora Zhang - Product Manager with 10 years of sales experience. She will briefly introduce the factory, and then focusing on 4 solar products in this canton fair, Classic hot sale compact pressurized solar water heater, Non-pressurized solar water heater(The Mexico special type will be show in exhibition), New type Stainless steel coil solar water heater which independently developed and produced by us. The internal structure is simpler than the traditional solar water heater, and according to our real test, the 12tubes 150L coil solar water heater actual water output is 200L, and the temperature keep around 80 ℃. The last one is hot wind solar collector for grain drying. It can directly convert the natural wind into hot wind, and it can be transported freely by laying pipes. With this collection, we don't need to pay more money to buy another hot air equipment. If you interested in solar water heater, you can view our website: or

The second part is about SPC floors, and WPC wall panel, Language in Spanish. The host is Bin Zheng who has lived in Mexico for many years and well know the local market. We have 24 types of flooring for this exhibition. Bin will introduce 7 of them. There are Red Wood collection B86, Hawaii collection R1, R6, R8, Special offer B76, B95 and one EIR collection B125. In addition, we also have many preferential policies for exhibitors, the details can browse the last news or contact our sales. If you interested in solar water heater, you can view our website:

See the poster above to get the time.