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Solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to heat water, making these systems a great choice for homeowners looking to save money. Basically, there are two different types of solar water heaters. The first is a stand alone heater that provides all the hot water for your home. The second is used as a pre-heater to heat the water coming into your existing water heater. The main difference in the two types is that a stand alone heater will usually have a reservoir to store the heated water and the pre-heater uses the existing water heater as a reservoir.

Question: Do I Really Save if I Have a Solar Water Heating System?

Well first it depends on the type of water heating fuel you use and times. If you are heating your water with either electricity or natural gas with temporary residence, then most definitely you could be saving. If you have a family of four and live together. A solar water heater is built to last for a long time and save you monthly operating costs. It is not out of line to estimate that your hot water bill is approximately 25% yearly of your electricity costs. For example, if you are paying $4000 yearly for your electricity you can allocate $1000 for the hot water. Therefore, if you change to a solar hot water heater you should have a minimum savings of about $700 a year. This is definitely much less monthly than you would have to pay for a gas or electric hot water heater. What's more, the maintenance of the solar water heater system is minimal and the sun, is free. So, having a solar water heater will be very beneficial to you if you live long at home.