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IRASOLAR Flat Collector 2sqm

IRASOLAR Flat Collector 2sqm

  • Model NO.: IRA-FC-2sqm
  • FOB Price:US $ 80.00-300.00 / sets
  • Min order:10 sets
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:100000 sets / Week
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Stock Time:20 Days

Absorb material

Aluminum alloy



Absorb coating

Black chrome/Blue Coating

Absorption rate


Emission rate


Cover glass

Tempered patterned glass

Edging materials and color

Aluminum alloy(black/Silver)



Materials of back cover

Galvznized steel,σ=0.3mm

Sealing material

Special metal resilience seal,safty and lifetime

are better than rubber seal

Solar collector working principle

Flat panel solar collectors working principle is different from evacuated tubes collector. A glazed flat-plate solar collector consists of a shallow rectangular box with a flat black plate behind a tempered glass cover. The plate is attached to a series of parallel tubes or one serpentine tube through which water or another liquid (such as an antifreeze solution) passes. Sunlight passes through the glazing and strikes the absorber plate, which heats up, changing sunshine into heat energy. The heat is transferred to liquid passing through pipes attached to the absorber plate. IRASOLAR can supply you different kinds of high quality absorber plate with selective film.

  • Material:Aluminum alloy
  • Brand:IRASOLAR
  • Model:IRA-FC-2sqm